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Simplifying the Cityscape from Photographic Reference (Online); Friday, December 17, 2021 - Free!
Virtual Workshop with the Winslow Art Center
Date: Friday, December 17, 2021
Time: 12:00-1:30 PM Pacific Time, 2-4:30 PM Central, 3:00-4:30 PM Eastern Time, 8:00-9:30 PM London Time

Join Ben Hamburger as he demonstrates his process for simplifying the cityscape from photo reference. Ben will show how he consolidates complex visual information from photographic reference into a simplified painting that speaks to the essence of the scene. He will also share tips for designing composition, blocking in, and the general painting process. There will be plenty of time for questions.

Online workshop with Winslow Art Center: Dusk til' Dawn: Painting Atmosphere from Sunset to Nighttime
Date: Mondays, January 10-31, 2022
Time: 10:30 AM-1:00PM Pacific Time (12:30pm - 3:00pm central time, 1:30-4:00 PM Eastern Time/6:30-9:00PM London Time)
Level: All (some previous painting experience ideal)
Medium: Acrylic or oil (demonstrations will be in oil)

The qualities of light, color, and atmosphere shift dramatically as the sun goes down. This four-session weekly workshop will focus on capturing the landscape and sky during sunsets and nighttime. Sunset and nocturnal scenes provide unique opportunities to explore colorfully illuminated skies, artificial light (streetlights, porch lights, etc.), and the neutral colors of dimly lit areas. Participants will study artwork from throughout history that capture these special times before getting into underpainting, value studies, some color theory, tips for capturing the illusion of light, tips for paintings clouds and skies, and plenty more. While Ben will be demonstrating working mainly from photographic reference, the concepts we discuss will apply to working en plein air as well. There will be some brief exercises and plenty of time for q&a during class, but students are encouraged to work on their own paintings out of class to discuss in the following sessions. This class is open to acrylic or oil painters though demonstrations will be in oils. Folks of all painting levels are welcome to join; some paintings experience is ideal.

Form and Content: Tools for Appreciating Art, Online with The Winslow Art Center
Date: Mondays, February 7-28, 2022
Time: 10:30 AM-1:00PM Pacific Time (12:30pm - 3:00pm central/1:30-4:00 PM Eastern Time/6:30-9:00PM London Time)
Level: All
Medium: All mediums

This 4-week online course aims to increase your sensitivity to and deepen your appreciation of the vast worlds of visual art. Together, we will analyze various methods of visual expression and explore the relationship between the physical attributes of a work of art (the form) and its meaning (the content). This is not an art history survey course, nor a studio course. Rather, this class will focus on how art communicates, how we can interpret it, and how we can see it as a cultural product that reveals something about the society that produced it and ourselves as visual thinkers. Expect lectures with plenty of time for open discussion and questions, some light readings and videos to watch, and a few artmaking exercises to help drive the concepts home.

Some Words from Students:

Ben Hamburger is a uniquely gifted artist and teacher. He clearly and concisely explains key concepts and techniques and then provides illustrative demonstrations at the beginning of each class. More importantly, throughout a painting session, he provides insightful direction that helps the student artist to see what is “off” and what should be a next step. He listens carefully to ALL and is a patient and kind instructor who provides a supportive learning environment to every student! Humble and down-to-earth, Ben always arrives at class well-prepared and eager to help.
- Shelly D., Alla Prima Painting, Acrylic Underpainting, and Expressive Landscape Painting Student

What a wonderful teacher and artist Ben is!  He is extremely generous with his talent, bringing out the best of each student's own strengths as we learn and paint with him. His courses are well planned--hands-on, enjoyable, and no wasted time.  In class, we talk about the topic du jour, generally with a brief demo, and then we plunge into our own work as he circulates, giving individual attention.  In the classes that I have had with him, each student has been delighted with his / her development. I am a better painter thanks to working with Ben Hamburger.
-Suzan C., Plein Air Painting and Alla Prima Painting student

If you want to pick up painting tricks of the trade, take one of the many methods classes. If you want to become a more confident and proficient painter true to your own style, take classes with Ben Hamburger. He has that special gift that has students of all ages and levels returning to study with him for a long time.
-Howard S., Plein Air Painting, and Alla Prima Painting

Ben is an excellent instructor.  His demonstrations of technique at the start of each class really allowed me to learn a lot in a short time.  He not only shows the technique, but he talks through it in real time to explain what he's doing.  He does a great job giving individual advice, and his feedback is clear and straightforward.  On top of all that, he's a super nice person!  Highly recommended!
-Julie W., Alla Prima Painting Student