Painting the Impressionist Landscape
Virtual workshop with the Asheville Art Museum

Saturday, March 20th, 2021, 1-5 pm EST

$60 Museum Members/ $70 Non-Members

Registration and more info here
Registration Deadline March 12th

In this virtual workshop, learn how to see and paint like the Impressionists! Discuss historic Impressionism and how it endures today before creating your own work based on photographs of the local area. Learn about and practice optical blending, color temperature, ways to convey light and shadow, and paint application. Some prior painting experience is helpful but not required; students may work in acrylics or oils, but instructor uses acrylics for demos.
Presented in conjunction with the museum's exhibition, Across the Atlantic: American Impressionism Through the French Lens.

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Some Words from Students:

Ben Hamburger is a uniquely gifted artist and teacher. He clearly and concisely explains key concepts and techniques and then provides illustrative demonstrations at the beginning of each class. More importantly, throughout a painting session, he provides insightful direction that helps the student artist to see what is “off” and what should be a next step. He listens carefully to ALL and is a patient and kind instructor who provides a supportive learning environment to every student! Humble and down-to-earth, Ben always arrives at class well-prepared and eager to help.
- Shelly D., Alla Prima Painting, Acrylic Underpainting, and Expressive Landscape Painting Student

What a wonderful teacher and artist Ben is!  He is extremely generous with his talent, bringing out there best of each student's own strengths as we learn and paint with him. His courses are well planned--hands on, enjoyable, and no wasted time.  In class, we talk about the topic du jour, generally with a brief demo, and then we plunge into our own work as he circulates, giving individual attention.  In the classes that I have had with him, each student has been delighted with his / her development. I am a better painter thanks to working with Ben Hamburger.
-Suzan C., Plein Air Painting and Alla Prima Painting student

If you want to pick up painting tricks of the trade, take one of the many methods classes. If you want to become a more confident and proficient painter true to your own style, take classes with Ben Hamburger. He has that special gift that has students of all ages and levels returning to study with him for a long time.
-Howard S., Plein Air Painting, and Alla Prima Painting

Ben is an excellent instructor.  His demonstrations of technique at the start of each class really allowed me to learn a lot in a short time.  He not only shows the technique, but he talks through it in real time to explain what he's doing.  He does a great job giving individual advice, and his feedback is clear and straightforward.  On top of all that, he's a super nice person!  Highly recommended!
-Julie W., Alla Prima Painting Student